Free Notary Service 

We have professional, state-licensed notary public staff to help certify signatures on your documents. 

Get FREE notary service to certify: 

  • -Car and truck sales 

  • -Mortgage closing documents 

  • -Title transfers 

  • -Affidavits 

  • -Deeds 

  • -Escrow agreements 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is your notary service really free? 

Yes! Public notary is just one of the many services at the Conneaut Public Library offers for free to the community.

What do I need to have a document notarized? 

In order to have a document notarized, please attend your session with the following: 

  • -All the people who will sign the document (involved parties) For vehicle title transfers, only the sellers signature needs notarized. 

  • -A valid, government issued photo ID for each signer. 

  • -The document without any signatures 


Your notary will verify your identities, witness the signing of the document, and notarize it when complete. 

Does having a document notarized make it legal? 

While many legal documents must be notarized, having something notarized does not make something legal. Our notaries are there to verify the identities of those involved and witness they are signing the document willingly. A notary public is not an attorney and cannot make something legal or ensure its truthfulness. If you need legal advice, please consult a certified attorney. 

Where can I find legal forms?

If you want to create your own legal documents, Conneaut Public Library may be able to help with that. We offer free in-house access to WestlawNext, a subscription based online legal research resource, provided by the Ashtabula County Law Library. We also offer online access to Gale Legal Forms, one of many research databases available to our patrons. 


What times are notaries available?

Notary service is available most hours we are open, but we recommend you make an appointment to ensure prompt service. Appointments can be scheduled by filling out the form below or by emailing 

Complete and submit this form to request a notary appointment, and one of our Notaries on staff will contact you to set up a date and time.

Let us know what type of notarization you require. (Vehicle title, affadavit, etc.)

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